KD Athletics Spirit Wear

Greetings KD Athletes, Parents and Fans!

Our FALL Athletics Spirit-Wear sale will be open until August 24th.  We are offering customized jerseys for each sport in this sale.  Please review the store details below before ordering!

A few notes about the stores:

  • There are two different stores, one store is for customized jersey's only, the other is for general spirit wear items
  •  For the customized jerseys, NAMES and NUMBERS can be added at checkout.  A separate fee does apply for the names AND numbers.  The sport that the jersey goes with is listed under the garment photo.  
  • The store orders are tabulated and processed at the close of the store.  
  • All finished orders are sent to Kennard -Dale High School 3-4 weeks after the close of the store.
  • We will email you or call you when they arrive so you can pick up. 
  • Unfortunately the company does not ship direct to your home, but the good news is that you do not have to pay for shipping!
  • Finally, most of the garments in the Spirt Wear store come in different colors, and some also have the option for personalization (Look for the "personalization" icon)  Names can be added to the back and numbers can be added to the sleeve like the jerseys.

The main objective for the store is to get apparel into the hands of our fans.  There is a modest mark - up on each item.  All proceeds will go to the KD Sports Boosters.