School Counseling

Welcome to our School Counseling Department!


For students grades 9-12 A-G:

Joyce Marburger

382-4871 ext. 1831

For students grades 9-12 H-Pl:

Jackie Randall

382-4871 ext. 1833

For students grades 9-12 Po-Z:

Stephanie Hurley

382-4871 ext. 1832

School Counseling Secretary

Tara Wilson

382-4871 ext. 1830

News to know:  

 ASVAB testing will be offered to interested juniors and seniors on November 16.  Interested students should stop by the School Counseling office for more information.

Link to KDHS Financial Aid Night recording:  
Kennard-Dale High School Virtual Financial Aid Night-20211013 2230-1
Password to view recording is:  fMFh6Upx

Links to Financial Aid materials for parents:
PA Student Aid Guide
FAFSA Tipsheet
Scholarship Tips

Parents can also order free printed Financial Aid materials and have them shipped to their homes at no charge by following this link:  PHEAA Publications

Additional Financial Aid Resources:

Parents/students can get help with financial aid/FAFSA questions with a new tool from College Board.  For more information, go to:   

Covering the Gap: Pieces of the Puzzle to Help Pay Your Education Bill     

Understanding education balances can be confusing. Whether you’re trying to address the costs or beginning to plan for higher education, this review is for you.  Join Linda Pacewicz and Daniel Wray of PHEAA’s PA Forward Private Student Loan team for a 1-hour webinar that will emphasize best practices (such as seeking grants and scholarships first), remind families about additional resources (such as PA529 and payment plans), and review private/alternative loans as a last resort in the process of covering the gap and keeping balances affordable. The discussion will also include the basics of credit, what factors impact a credit score, how can a credit score be improved, and the effects of credit on your borrowing capability.

November 4th 6:30pm;   November 11th  6:30 pm;   November 16th Noon;   November 30th Noon



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