9th Grade

 In 9th grade English, students will read various types of literature divided into five thematic units. Emphasis within these units will be placed on narrative elements (plot, character, point of view, setting, and theme) and reading comprehension and analysis skills. Students will also be introduced to research skills and MLA format through several mini-research assignments. 

Melissa Grove – 10th year at KD

- B.A. Secondary Education English from York College
- M.S in Classroom Technology from Wilkes University
- Teaches 9th Grade College Prep & Applied

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Jenna Lloyd – 15th year at KD

- B. A. in English (Secondary Education concentration) from Lebanon Valley College
- M.S. in Educational Development & Strategies from Wilkes University
- Teaches 9th Grade Honors and Applied, as well as Media Production I and II, and Creative Writing 

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10th Grade

English 10 involves the application of grammar, vocabulary, writing and literature. In literature, students will apply their knowledge of the five narrative techniques used in 9th grade to a variety of genres, and will utilize and interpret various other literary elements. The curriculum incorporates various texts that span American, British and World literature. In writing, the curriculum stresses the application of the 5 domains of writing (focus, content, organization, style and conventions), and students will be required to writing in a variety of different contexts.

Abrianna Wohlfeil– started at KD in 2019

- Teaches 10th grade College Prep & Applied

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Grant Leonard – 14th year at KD

- B.S. in English and Secondary Education - English from Millersville University
- M.Ed. in English Education from Millersville University
- Teaches 10th grade Honors and College Prep, Alternative Education, as well as Argument (University of Pittsburgh course)

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11th Grade 

English 11 will balance a survey of American literature with a study of strategic reading and comprehension skills that include focuses in grammar, vocabulary, and writing appropriately structured and differentiated for each level. Students successfully completing English 11 will experience significant growth in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Students will also engage in formal research projects at each level. Achievement of course goals is in accordance with the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards. 

Jenna Ritter – 11th year at KD

- B.A. Degree from York College
- M.Ed. in Education from Millersville University
- Teaches 11th grade AP and College Prep, as well as Philosophy

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Joel Logan – 2nd year at KD (14th year in SESD)

- B.A. in English from Kenyon College
- M.S. in Secondary Education from University of Pennsylvania
- Teaches 11th grade College Prep and Applied, as well as 10th grade College Prep 

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12th Grade 

English 12 presents a survey of English literature and world masterpieces. Students will use topics from literature and from their personal experiences and interests to develop compositions which serve as practice for grammar, usage, mechanics, and structure of language. All students will also complete a formal research paper. 

Sarah Buttiens – 11th year at KD

- B.A. Degree from York College
- M.Ed. in Education from Millersville University
- Teaches 12th Grade AP, College Prep, as well as Drama, Journalism I and Journalism II

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Ed Smith – 16th year at KD

- B.S. Degree from Millersville University
- M.A. in English from Millersville University
- Teaches 12th grade College Prep & Applied, English Composition (College in the Classroom), and Humanities

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